While everyone thinks that having a chubby face is a sign of being cute- it’s a very big struggle for those unfortunate enough to actually have the condition! From cheek-pulling to name calling, here are ten struggles you’ll only understand if you have a chubby face:

1. Apke gaal khench loon?

The first and very irritating reaction people have to your cuteness is to pull your cheeks and it hurts so much. Not to mention random people touching your face is very creepy and only God knows where those hands have been…..

2. Arey, can I call you golu?

Raise your hand if you’ve been called “golu” or “jamun” or “chikoo” more than you have been called by your name your whole life.

3. Yaar tum thori healthy nahi hogai?

Padaishi torr pe aisi hun. No matter how skinny you are, you’ll always look healthy just because of your face and even if you starve yourself, the cheeks just won’t go away.

4. Beta kaunsi class main ho?

People can never guess your correct age from your cute and youthful appearance and treat you like a kid ALWAYS.

5. Camera se thora dur hojao gi?

Your round face always shows up the biggest in all of your group selfies and blocks everyone else.

6. Kya khaati ho itnay cute galon ke liye?

People always want to know how you got your soft squishy cheeks- the answer is genetics and buri kismat maybe?

7. Tum kamzor nahi hogai?

The minute you by some miracle lose some of your facial fat, everyone starts saying you look kamzor. Kisi haal main khush ho, dunya walon?

8. Yaar apne bachpan ki tasweerain dikhao?

Everyone wants to know if it’s actually possible for your cheeks to get even bigger and if so, they want to know. ASAP if you were chubby then.

9. Tumharay ghar main sab aisay hain?

Nahi, meray pe khaas barkat hai bhai Allah mian ki.

10. Tumharay babies bhi tumhi jitnay cute hon gay?

Babies hon to jayain pehlay. Phir cuteness ki fikar bhi kar lain gay.

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But no matter how much you pretend you hate your cheeks, you secretly love them because you know your cuteness always gets you that extra bit of attention in every room. All this extra discomfort? Totally worth it!