Unaiza Ali Barlas is a 20 years old Pakistani girl who made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest comic strip by an individual earlier this year. She was praised when she achieved that and she is getting attention once again as social media shifts its focus on to her once again.

The image of Pakistan has remained negative in front of the world given the security conditions, human rights, women’s rights and the corrupt leadership. It is individuals like Unaiza Ali who actually change the game and show the world that Pakistan is a country that has so much talent that it can beat the world at anything.

Unaiza is a student of Roots Ivy International School and she holds the world record for the longest cartoon strip by an individual. Her achievement is not only this cartoon strip, she also has an NGO called “Art for Humanity” that raises funds for Edhi foundation. How can you not have faith in a nation that has 20 years olds making the country proud by breaking world records and giving back to the society by running their own NGOs that support the people of Pakistan.

She said that it was not something that she was planning to do and: “While scrolling the Guinness website, I came across a certain record that matched my field entirely. It was held by India and I decided to take it up as a challenge to beat this record.”

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She had to get past 877 feet and for that she used pieces of paper joined together to form this long canvas that not only beat India but took Pakistan and Unaiza Ali in the Guiness Book of World Records.

Unaiza Ali is serving the country at an early age and one should be proud of our next generation that is purely Pakistani at heart. Unaiza stated “My passion is art, my art is Pakistan, I’m Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad.” This is all we could ask for from our young blood. Unaiza has made us proud, we hope to see many others from Pakistan make it to the Guinness Book of World Records in the future.