A psychiatrist from Saudi Arabia, Tarek Al-Habib is being bashed online after he made controversial remarks regarding the family system. Social media demands an apology from him as his remarks have offended a majority.

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A video, that is two-years-old, has been resurfaced online. In the video, the psychiatrist is seen advising females in the audience “to use men to produce children,” and justifying “men use women for pleasure.”

The tweet reads: “Dr. Tarek Al-Habib says: ‘Dear man, use women for pleasure. Dear woman, use men for procreation.'”

The video shows, the Saudi psychiatrist appear on Al-Rayah TV. He can be seen addressing the audience of unmarried women. He asked women not to wait any longer and get married as soon as possible in order to start reproducing before its late.

Al-Habib can be seen saying: “Some girls – may God protect them – they are 35 years old, but they say, ‘No this man is too tall… This one is too short,'”

“Just like men use women for pleasure sometimes during marriage, use him as a way of procreation,” he added

The video has sparked outrage as the psychiatrist is asking and encouraging young women to marry without their own consent instead of marrying men who are not suitable for them.

Many people asked for the public apology from the Saudi psychiatrist. People are accusing him to objectifying women as he portrayed them as means of pleasure for men.

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