The Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie has had a difficult and public year. In 2016, she and Brad Pitt filed for a divorce leading to a shock reaction throughout the world, as they’d often been shipped as one of the most golden couples in the world. She recently revealed that following the divorce, she developed Bell’s palsy (a disorder involving paralysis of one side of the face) as well as hypertension and underwent treatment for both.

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Jolie has a long history of health issues. She has admitted to battling depression and anorexia most of her life, as well as undergoing a double mastectomy in 2013 due to her chances of developing breast cancer, followed by getting her ovaries removed shortly after. To vanity fair, she has been quoted as saying ‘Too many women put themselves last when it comes to health’ and revealing that she is actively trying to follow a healthier lifestyle for the sake of her six adopted children, whose custody she now holds.

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Meanwhile her divorce with Brad Pitt is still being finalized, she has moved into a new home in LA with her children and is set to release her directorial venture ‘First They Killed My Father’ about the Cambodian genocide soon.