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Instagram Star Accidentally Live Streams Herself Doing Something Naughty

We all have experienced an embarrassing situation like butt-dialing someone when your phone is in your pocket. But you must've not experienced going live...
Imam Ali

1400 Years Ago How Imam Ali Taught Us To Cure Depression

Depression is one of the most talked about disorder and many out there are the victim of this painful mental illness. People going through...

Bollywood Actresses Who Bared It All

We have seen Bollywood actresses baring it all for different projects. The Bollywood divas know how to and when to show their skin to...
Shahid Afridi

Indian Model Who Claimed To Have Had Sex With Shahid Afridi Appears On Bigg...

Remember the Indian model and actress, Arshi Khan who went viral on the social media world back in 2015 after she claimed that she...

How Imam Hussain Defeated ISIS In Karbala

The event of Karbala has inspired and influenced many important people in the world. Few figures like Mahatma Gandhi said “If India wants to...
Hussaini Brahmans

Lessons Imam Hussain And Battle Of Karbala Taught Us

Centuries after the battle of Karbala, the name of Imam Hussain (AS) lives while Yazeed is only remembered with hatred. Sadly as a society...

Misconceptions About Shias And Muharram

As the moon of Muharram rises the tension between Shias and other sects increases. The tragedy of Karbala is immense. Whatever religion you are...

Is Abortion A Serious Issue To Solve Or A Topic To Avoid?

If we look at our Pakistani media we can see that abortion as a topic is usually avoided and is rarely brought up in...

The Woman Quit Her Law Degree To Become A Pornstar

Meet, Ella Hughes. Like many parents out there, Ella's mum and dad wanted her to become a successful lawyer but it never happened. We all...

Nouman Ali Khan The Islamic Preacher Alleged To Have Inappropriate Relations With Women

Nouman Ali Khan is a famous Pakistani-American Islamic Preacher. The influential preacher is has been accused of having inappropriate relations with his women followers. A...


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