Eid ul Azha is the time of the year when we establish the feelings of selflessness in ourselves and we focus on qurbani while following the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim. Surprisingly some of us don’t hesitate from trolling others even on Eid and continue with the taunts and jokes. Some bakra jokes are pretty good though.


So a girl is fighting the case for gender equality. Phew! Glad it wasn’t a guy doing so. The feminists would have labelled him an oppressor by now. Now that a girl has said so. HA HA!


Eid Mubarak in advance to you too. So this video means we turn into a bakra after eid. Makes sense, though there is one bakra who fell victim to Sheikh Rasheed’s qurbani se pehle qurbani he should continue to say mujhe kyun nikaala. The rest can just chew chew chew.


Ouch! This brings back so many bakra memories. I remember not eating the meat of my “friend” when I was a kid. Never wanted it sacrificed on the first day of Eid. Those were the days when the biggest issue was not wanting to eating my goat’s barbecue. I wish I could go back to that time.


How could you? Its not old enough. 😉


This evergreen line fits on Eid as well. God save us from the dekh k delete kar dena people.

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So Eid is almost here and we at Viral Karo wish a very Happy Eid Ul Azha to all our readers around the world. It is not a sacrifice if you fill your own freezers with meat. Remember the needy this Eid.