In their recent tour of Bangladesh, team Australia was attacked with stones as the Bangladeshi fans could not digest their good performance against the home team. Team India lost the first T20i against Australia last night and the fans responded by throwing one or allegedly more rocks at the visitors’ bus.

Cricket used to be a gentleman’s game. Sadly that is no longer the case as such cases have become a common practice for Asian fans. We have seen bottles thrown in the ground by Sri Lanka fans and sadly the same Australian team attacked by fans in Bangladesh and India.

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If this continues, the teams will be reluctant to visit these countries in the future. If India and Bangladesh cannot save the visitors from people who throw rocks at them can these countries provide security from a situation worse than this?

As a Pakistani I can look back at the attack on Sri Lanka cricket team years back that resulted in the departure of international cricket from Pakistan. It has been long and different teams have visited Pakistan since then. After an incident like that Pakistan ensures the best security of the visiting teams giving them complete protocol.

Cricket is more than just a game in South Asia and for Indians it is no lesser than a religion. They believe in the game like anything. The craziest cricket fans surely come from India whether it is about love for the game or the angriest reactions. I remember the news of an attack on MS Dhoni’s house years back. Though right now he is worshiped by a large number of cricket fans in the same country.

We hope the incident with the Australian cricket team is the last one of its sort and every nation including Pakistan ensures the security and safety of the visiting teams.