You Might Find Your Dream Job At Pornhub

Pornhub is among the leading porn sites in the world. It might just be the reason why you have a proxy installed on your...
Nawaz Sharif

11 Things You Would Love To Know About Nawaz Sharif

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif is quite a character whether you look at him in politics or in his personal life. He...

PTCL Is Faster And Brighter On Twitter

There used to be a time when snails were a simile used for slow. We live in an era where something slow is related...
Mia Khalifa

Students In India Pranked Their Teacher Into Calling Out Mia Khalifa’s Name For Attendance...

Well, we hope you know who Mia Khalifa is. If you don't then try to Google her but don't click on the images if...

Biryani And The Beast: A Story Of Pakistani Shaadis

It is a truth universally known that the highlight of any Pakistani event is the food. People, no matter where they come from or...

10 Things Everyone With A Chubby Face Is Asked

While everyone thinks that having a chubby face is a sign of being cute- it’s a very big struggle for those unfortunate enough to...

SALE: Let The Lawn Wars Begin

Every lawn brand has a new policy- have a sale every few months, rename your entire old stock as the new one, reduce your...

This Guy From Lahore Does The Best Reviews Of GOT

If you are a Game of Thrones (GOT) fan then this is certainly for you. Meet Saad Ahmad Khan from Lahore. The 29-year-old is...

These Two Bloggers Are In A Snapchat War

Snapchat might just be an app where people let their friends know how their day is going, some might showoff or some just use...

Junoon Over JIT: The Three Types Of Pakistanis Right Now

The past week has seen headline after headline plastered over every newspaper and every TV channel. Intense debates and meme wars on twitter, long-winded...


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