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Pakistan Buries Dr Ruth Pfau With State Funeral

The legendary humanitarian, Ruth Pfau was laid to rest with a state funeral in Karachi today. Pakistan's Mother Teresa spent more than 50 years...
Umar Akmal

Umar Akmal Tried Going Big But Messed Up

Umar Akmal probably got more attention from the Pakistan Cricket Board than his brothers Karman and Adnan. Sadly he always ended up gaining the...

Barcelona Falls Victim To Terrorism

Barcelona, Spain is the recent victim of widespread terrorism in the world. The city witnessed an act of terrorism when a van went on...
Public Hair

How Not To Get Hurt While Grooming Your Pubic Hair

According to a new study, there are many pubic hair grooming-related injuries. Most of them occur in the US. Many people even ended up...

World’s Tallest And Shortest Countries: Guess Where Pakistan Stands?

Have you ever wondered what countries/nationalities are the tallest? No? Okay, no problem. We are going to tell you anyway. Keep your eye on...

If You Are A Blonde Then You Can Get A Job In A Bar...

Here is some awesome news for all the blondes out there. If you are a blonde then you can get a job in a...
Imran Khan

Imran Khan A 64 Years Old Young Man

Imran Khan has remained a star in Pakistan for decades. Whether it was his stardom as a cricketer, the world cup winning captain, a...
Youth Program

Benazir Bhutto Youth Program Is Now Offering Courses In Sexism

The Memon Industrial and Technical institute in association with Sindh Government Benazir Bhutto Youth Program offers low cost training programs for the youth that...

Pakistani Cricketer Dies After Being Hit By Bouncer

In Pakistan cricket runs in everyone's blood. Like our neighbors India, Pakistan is a cricket frenzy nation. You will find people playing cricket in...

The President Of Tunisia Wants Muslim Women To Marry Non-Muslim Men

Tunisia has always been hailed for leading the way for women rights in the Arab world. Taking this a step further, the President of...


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