Motorola To Fix Your Broken Screen Once And For All

Motorola has remained a giant in the cellphone industry since a long time. They are given credit for introducing the concept of a smartphone....
Tecno Mobile

TECNO Mobile Brings Quality Smartphones In Unbeatable Price

Lahore, Pakistan, Friday, August 18, 2017:- The smartphone market in Pakistan is growing each day with new players entering the market. This growing competition...
Careem Pakistan

Careem Grows Bigger As Didi Joins In

Didi Chuxing is a giant in the ride hailing business in China. It has decided to expand its business by investing in Careem, the...

Android Cameras Are Years Behind iPhone

Vic Gundotra the former Vice President of Social at Google is no longer a fan of Google's android. He believes the software is to...

Best Smartphone Brands In The Pakistani Market

Pakistan is growing each day as a giant market for cellphones. We started with Ericsson and Nokia as the two choices when the trend...
Moto Mods

Moto Mods: Useful Features Or A Rip-Off

Moto Mods were considered nice and flashy with last year's Moto Z series by the once Google owned tech giant Motorola. Ever since Lenovo...

Hijabi Emoji Is Coming

Good news for all the hijabis out there. Apple has finally included the emoji in it's latest updated that was revealed months ago. The...
Capital University

Capital University Becomes Pakistan’s Tech Capital

Robocon is a mega event in the field of robotics in Asia with teams coming from all over the continent. The team from Capital...

6 Apps Every Woman Should Have On Their Phone

Phones are an important part of everyone's life. Here, we are talking about women. They are tech savy and they are in need of...
Social Media

Things To Do Immediately If Your Social Media Gets Hacked

Social Media is a huge space and there are all types of people on it. Hackers are quiet active these days. You go out...


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