Meet Omniya Fareed Shafik, an Egyptian who was working in a bank in Abu Dhabi who decided that the job she held was not satisfying her love for traveling.

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This Egyptian was not happy with her job and she used to daydream about the places she always wanted to visit. She was making good money from freelancing as a part time job. She decided to make it a full time job so she can travel and write. She didn’t regret quitting the bank job to make her dreams come true.

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Many questioned Shafik’s stability as people consider Freelance writing as an unstable career option. The Egyptian decided not to listen what people say. She persuaded her dream to travel around the world. So far she had traveled to Japan, Egypt, South Africa, Russia and many parts of Europe.


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Shafik believes that the experience you get while traveling is something you cannot get from any job. Many people maybe still question her decision to quit a stable bank job but the Egyptian believes that it’s the best decision that she took in her life.

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