Edhi Foundation is one of the biggest ambulance services in the country. The foundation works for the betterment of society as a whole. It is a project started by the Late Abdul Sattar Edhi. He would raise money to make sure that the ambulance service worked. He was like a father figure for those in need as he provided food and shelter to anyone in need.

After his death the Edhi Foundation faced some downfall in regards to the amount of donations. They struggled for a while but never gave up. Today they are facing another issue and that is the land mafia snatching the Edhi centres from the foundation. This issue was recently raised on the media and there is news of the government taking action against that.

An ambulance service as big as Edhi closing down would be a major threat to us. They are behind saving numerous lives with their ambulance service and they deserve support not only from the government but the public as well. We must protect this foundation as it literally is a life saver for many.

Having Abdul Sattar Edhi’s picture on a coin or a poster is not a service in his cause. He was someone who was never trying to seek fame and instead was working for the betterment of his foundation and in return our society as a whole. The only way to show respect towards him is to help continue his mission and serve the people of Pakistan.

We appreciate the government for taking quick action against the concerns of the Edhi Foundation. They must get to the root cause of this issue and solve it once for all.

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Edhi Foundation has always helped the downtrodden people in our society and regardless of who you are you can benefit from their services when needed. We must ensure the safety and security along with uninterrupted operations of their Edhi Centres. The Government of Sindh has taken notice of this issue of land mafia taking control of their property. We hope to see this issue resolved soon so that the people of Pakistan don’t lose the foundation’s services.