Pakistan is full of talented people. This country has produced a number of artist. Not many in the past have been appreciated but thanks to the power of technology, we now get to learn about talented individuals who are making the country proud.

Out of many talented artist is Hassan Raza from Lahore. He is an actor, theater director, theater trainer, drama teacher and a comedian. He always had the passion to do something great in the field of theater and films.

Via: Hassan Raza/Facebook

In 2015, Hassan took Shakespeare “Comedy of Errors” to Turkey. In 2016, he attended the Carnatic Vocals and Body Movement workshops in India.

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This year Hassan got the opportunity of a lifetime. He got a Residency Program in South Korea. The MAAS foundation, which is one of the oldest and finest theater production house of Pakistan, gave him this opportunity. This is a group of different actors and directors from the world. The best were selected for this opportunity.

Via: Hassan Raza/Facebook

Hassan shared his experience with Viral Karo:

“On 26th June i reached South Korea, Mr. Sung (CEO Mindulle Theatre) was the organizer and trainer of this program along with Lee Mihee. Different acting, physical theatre, Korean cultural dance workshops took place in this one month.

I conducted my own Workshop for one day as well to the performers came from the world.

Performers from India, Philippines, Korea and Japan, I was the only one from Pakistan

The Residency lead to a performing arts festival of three days “PUM FESTIVAL 2017” it was the 8th Edition this year

There were three productions and four performances by myself.

I directed and acted in “The Fisherman and the GoldenFish” cast included Kiki from Phillphines, Sabina and Koni from Korea and live music was given by Ishu and Samyukta from India and Minjun from Korea. Two performances of this play took place in the PUM Festival

One was my solo performance, A story telling performance of Korean Folk Tale “Nolbu and Hengbu”.

Last one was the closing ceremony performance Japanese Butoh Dance directed by Lee Mihee. One performance took place in PUM Festival in which all performers of the Residency Program performed.

The journey itself is a lifetime experience and no words can describe how much I learned” he added.