Yes, you heard it right and all the hackers out there, this news from Google is for you.

The search engine giant, Google has come up with something unique with HackerOne. The collaboration result, Google Play Security Reward Program. This super cool program guarantees to whoop $1,000 to anyone out there who thinks and can identify security vulnerabilities in the Google Play Apps that are participating in this very program.

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There are thirteen apps participating in the competition. The apps like Snapchat, Tinder, Headspace, and Dropbox.

Yes, we know you must be thinking that most of the apps usually are famous for giving their own bounty programs. This is certainly the first time that Google is offering the reward on the behalf of the developers. Good one Google!

Source: Snapchat

So if you are a hacker and can identify security issues in the apps then you must follow these steps. First of all, find a security vulnerability in any of the apps participating in the program. Then you have to report that security threat to the developer and jointly work with them to remove or fix it. When you are done with solving the problem the Android Security team will pay you $1,000, well yes you can also get some bounty from the app developer as well.

You must be wondering why Google is paying? Well, Google is collecting data of all the vulnerabilities and will be sharing it with other developers who maybe are facing the same problems.

Source: Tinder

On the side of HackerOne, they want to attract more participants to register for the bounty programs.

Talking to Mashable, HackerOne’s chief bounty officer, Adam Bacchus said: “Participating apps that already have a bug bounty program will now have the opportunity to attract an even more diverse set of hackers,”

As for now, only thirteen apps were selected on the basis of their popularity among the users. Google will expand its program and more apps will be included in the list.

So what are you waiting for? Go and join the program and find some vulnerability and win $,1000.