Good news for all the hijabis out there. Apple has finally included the emoji in it’s latest updated that was revealed months ago. The technology giants launched it in the short preview of their latest collection of emojis.

The preview was released on Monday to mark the World Emoji Day. The new emojis feature a new blend, from a bearded man to the breastfeeding woman and of course the hijabi emoji.

The new preview is just a glimpse and it does not reveal all 56 emojis that were approved by Unicode Consortium, the company that is behind the birth of emoji.

Apple’s boss tweeted this on World Emoji Day

Here’s a short history on how the hijabi emoji is now a reality.

Well, it is all because of 15-year-old Rayaouf Alhumedhi who sent a hijabi emoji as a proposal to the organization, Unicode Consortium.

Alhumedhi asked her friends to chose an emoji that represented her but there were no emojis that looked like the 15-year-old.

Her proposal read, “With this enormous number of people, not a single space on the keyboard is reserved for them,”

It caught the eye of the Reddit’s co-founder, Alexis Ohanian. He promoted and co-drafted the proposal.

It’s just not Alhumedhi who wanted the emjoi, there were more than 14,888 request on EmojiRequest which is also known as the worldwide platform for requesting your own emojis.

Via: CBA News/YouTube

People loved the news and started posting their happiness on social media

Indeed this is great news for all the hijabis out there, your wish has been granted