Apple is known for its software being bug free and much more stable than android and that is the reason why a large number of smartphone users go for the iPhone even at such high prices. This time the iOS 11 is here and the software has received a little unexpected response.

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Here is what Twitter has to say about the iOS 11.


Sorry to give you this news but android users are doing this since a couple of years s your snapchats weren’t very safe even before the iOS 11. So my trick of taking screenshots of my friends’ snaps will be something every other person will be doing now? Welcome to 2015 iPhone users! Acha Sorry!


Aww.. Its okay. Its not really an issue. You just aren’t used to it. It might take a while but you will soon get used to it and it wont really be a big deal in a week or so.


Normally Apple copies the unstable features of android and makes them stable in their iOS. This time iOS has copied a stable and very basic yet much needed feature. iPhone users must be happy with this little step.


As I read more tweets, I feel happier being an android user. The “new” features make me look at the old iOS versions as equally “developed” as NA 120.


Even though I haven’t used auto brightness in either one of my phones since a long time. It might be an important feature for many, dig deeper. You might find it somewhere in the settings.


SWEET! All I can say here is WELCOME TO 2015!


If Hamzah Sohail is tweeting this I don’t have to check on google for the credibility of the news. A moment of silence for all those girls who went all “bright karein isey” before a selfie.

I am not a fan of Apple’s iPhone but there are millions who would disagree with me. One thing that I love about the iPhone is the bug free software. Its much more stable than large number of android devices.

Though Apple goes slow with the hardware upgrades, their software remains a sweetheart as many android manufacturers have started to follow their app drawer style. Don’t worry Apple users, any issues that you have with the iOS 11, you’ll get used to them. Its just the familiarity that’s an issue, otherwise its a step forward from Apple.