Though Imran Khan and Jemima Khan are not together but without a doubt they are still the most loved “couple” of Pakistan. We still see her tweets as those of Bhabi Jemima. She has supported Imran Khan in every single one of his decisions. Marrying Reham Khan, providing money trail and how can we forget the famous tweets when Imran Khan fell down during election campaign in Lahore, She has always remained someone who truly cared for our Kaptaan.

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The moment this couple tied the knot, they turned into an easy target for certain people in Pakistan. Calling Jemima Zionist, Jewish lobby and a person with hidden agenda was a norm. They parted ways but Jemima never stopped supporting her ex-husband.

It was the birthday of Pakistan’s most popular celebrity and people from all over the world wished their The Great Imran Khan but there was something special from his ex-wife which trolled the haters of Imran Khan.

It started off with a tweet from IK’s ex-brother in Law

Jemima joined the party with a tweet that trolled Imran Khan’s haters

This tweet was enjoyed by Imran Khan’s supporters and went viral

There were few who were not happy about the tweet

Well, whatever anyone has to say about Jemima and Imran Khan it’s each person’s own opinion and one should respect that. Jemima Khan has proved from time to time that whenever Imran Khan needs her she will always be there to back him up. She has always received love from Imran Khan’s supporters and she happily accepts the hatred from those who are set to prove Imran Khan’s point of view as a yahoodi saazish.

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