Lionel Messi is one of the best football players the world has ever seen. We see a constant debate on the social media whether Ronaldo is the best player ever or is it Messi. Both of them prove that they are the best in the world and beyond comparison. Would have been great to see them play for the same team but for now we were lucky enough to witness Messi alone take his team to the FIFA World Cup 2018 with a Hat-Trick.

His team is lucky to have him as a match winner who has the ability to single-handedly take his team to victory. Whether the best or the second best, he is a superstar and he proved that last night by scoring a Hat-Trick that resulted in Argentina qualifying for the Russia World Cup 2018.

44 Hat-Tricks but the one last night making him a bigger star than he already is. He is the go to man when the team needs a win.

When its about the success of either one of them, this is expected. Trolls appear out of nowhere to troll Ronaldo when Messi is doing well and the same happens to Messi when Ronaldo shines. Both the stars must respect each other but the fans are no different than the Misbah and Afridi fans who are still fighting a war against each other.

He may have scored a Hat-Trick but it is not right to take the credit away from the whole squad for the win. Football is not a one man show and it takes the support of the whole team for even one individual to perform as good as Messi did last night.

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The competition is fierce in the game right now and the excitement for the World Cup next year is at its peak already. Cannot wait for such competitions in the tournament that will leave the world shocked.