Moto Mods were considered nice and flashy with last year’s Moto Z series by the once Google owned tech giant Motorola. Ever since Lenovo purchased Motorola, the brand is struggling to maintain its image. The Moto X Style, Moto X Force and Moto G Turbo Edition were among the phones that looked like Moto family devices.

Since then the G4 and the following devices have moved away from what Moto used to be. The flagship Z series looks more like a phone from an alien movie. Nothing like the popular Motorola phones of the past. The feature that makes this series stand out in the market is the Moto Mods. Just place a mod on your phone and voila its a speaker, a projector or a point and shoot camera. Do we really need such features? Here are a few of the Moto Mods and our take on whether they are useful features or simply a rip-off.

1. Moto Insta-Share Projetor

Moto Mods
Via: Android And Me

Imagine you’re on a road trip and all of a sudden you have to give a presentation that happens to be in your phone and you just turn on this Moto Mod to get the screen projected in front of you. Well, that’s the point, you are least likely to have your boss with you on a road trip and you will surely avoid this extremely unprofessional way of making a presentation. It is not the best companion when watching a movie either. In a price of about Rs. 30,000 this mod does not justify its existence.

2. JBL Speakers

Moto Mods
Via: PhoneArena

We live in a world where you can get crazy loud Chinese speakers for no more than Rs. 1500 and branded speakers from brands like Aukey in about Rs. 3500 that you wont dare play at full volume in your room. Motorola thought there is room for the JBL branded speaker mod. I doubt that anyone would bother spending Rs. 13,500 on this mod even with the given portability. Though justified with the brand name, but in Pakistani market it makes little sense to use it.

3. Hasselblad True Zoom Camera

Moto Mods
Via: PhoneArena

I could not find a price in Pakistan for this mod but it is priced at $240 at Amazon. Roughly converted it is around Rs. 24000. So you turn your phone into a camera with some amazing zoom capabilities for a phone. If you aren’t a DSLR person and want a simpler camera, it may be a little  extra to carry around. A Nikon Coolpix L840 would be much more useful in a price lower than this Moto Mod.

4. Moto Incipio Power Pack

Moto Mods
Via: AndroidPolice

The claimed battery backup on this Moto Mod is 22 hours, why would you make your phone thick like the phones from the 90s? Why spend over Rs. 8000 for a mod that can be replaced by a branded fast charging supported powerbank in Rs. 2800.

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Though I am a Motorola user, who is in love with his Moto X Style. I don’t find any of these mods justifying themselves. Go for these only if you really need any of these features or portable replacements for a camera, powerbank, projector or speakers. Another reason to buy these would be if you love fancy gadgets and you have a deep pocket.

If you love the Moto Mods, keep your eyes open for the upcoming Moto 360 Camera and the Moto Gamepad mod. Both of these look really interesting, with the gamepad turning your phone into a PSP like portable console.