Twitter has turned into a blast from the past with tweets with the hashtag Mumkin Na Tha today. There is a lot that we had long forgotten. Things from the past that were daily routine objects and habits are shared by many while others are active as social media trolls at the moment.

Apparently Yayvo is the culprit here. Making people go crazy over different things simply to gain attention of Yayvo for the free prizes. Apparently all of this simply Mumkin Na Tha.

I still don’t do that but I’m glad internet has made life easier for you and cheaper as well. How do you manage to stay on a call for that long? I hate myself and obviously the other person if the call lasts for longer than five minutes.

Says the person who asks for the Wi Fi password no matter where she goes. Dude even with 4G in Pakistan your whatsapp etc remains dead all the time.

Technology sure has made us dependent. Surely yeh Mumkin Na Tha. We are dependent on technology from the alarm in the morning to the last text of good night to the special someone.

Not sure how this fits in Mumkin Na Tha but it sure deserves the biggest prize offered in this kind of mega competition. Bringing in the extraordinary to the mix is something that surely got my attention.

The first most sensible tweet among the many I went through today. Snapchat is something I never expected to see, in fact Snapchat and Instagram did not make any sense for months when it was all about sharing the photos of your food on these apps.

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Looking at Uber and Careem though, this is probably the best thing that happened to Pakistan. Easy access anywhere, specially for a guy like me who hates looking for a parking spot. A lot has changed over the years and there is a lot to celebrate that falls under Mumkin Na Tha.