Nawaz Sharif and his rally of protocol vehicles is all over the news these days. Whether its the open criticism or spreading hatred for the institutions of Pakistan or the vague statements by the PML N leaders, the media is giving coverage to all of it. A child was recently killed as a car from the rally ran him over. This incident means that Nawaz Sharif turned into everything he openly used to criticize about his political opponents.

The car that ran over the child is said to be the one Nawaz Sharif was sitting in a day before. It is the same car that was making the news before this incident, with a screenshot of motor vehicle information online that meant that the car’s registration was not for this BMW but for a Suzuki Bolan.

Nawaz Sharif
Via: Facebook

As per the news, this BMW with a Bolan’s number was filed as a Prado in the case of running a child over in the rally. The sad part about this incident is that the case is filed against the usual “namaloom afraad” when the car is known to be owned by the former Prime Minister, and was used earlier in his rally. Everything is known, yet the murderer is supposedly unknown.

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Social media has shown severe reaction to this, specially after the statements from the PMLN leaders that show the lack of regard they have about the lives of their workers.


This may seem to be too strong a statement but if you put yourself in the victim’s family’s place, you will realize how they felt when their child’s life was considered a ‘sacrifise’.


I’m sure it was not intentional. The point is that there should be some sort of a statement from PMLN to show support for the victim and his family instead of the arrogance shown.


It’s really sad to see that a civilian’s life has no importance while a person ineligible to hold any public office is a priority of all the people and cars in the rally.

Its about time Nawaz Sharif decided to take a minute to say something about this child. He can continue to spread hatred for the Supreme Court of Pakistan and keep on asking why he was disqualified but he must ask his party leadership to have a heart and value a common man’s life.