Nokia relaunched its super amazing phone 3310. The new phone has all the features of the old phone. It is still indestructible, it is simple like the old phone and yes it comes with the famous game, Snake. Well, we don’t know much about the new feature in the phone which is basically the camera. So let’s see how the camera works.

All thanks to Xavier Lur, a photographer from Singapore who took some amazing pictures from the legend handset we can determine the camera quality, the pictures are breathtaking.

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Here’s what Lur tweeted:

Damn! you see that? These pictures are from 2-megapixel camera. Simply stunning.

Nokia 3310
Source: Xavier Lur/Twitter

Yes we know before you start saying that the pictures are filtered. Yes we know that these images are immensely filtered but still they are amazing. Yes you know when you see them too closely you will find out a lot but from a distance they are beautiful.

The photographer told Mashable that he used Adobe Lightroom to edit the images. After editing them a bit he used VSCO filter on them to give them added effect.

He said: “Based on today’s standards, the camera isn’t fantastic at all. Photos look pixelated, night photos will have a blue tint if you use the default auto white balance setting, and you have to hold the phone steady for around 2 seconds every time it takes a photo”.

Nokia 3310
Source: Xavier Lur/Twitter

Yes we know that if we look at the pictures closely and zoom in a bit we will see that the picture is pixelated. Obviously if you compete it with quality of pictures from today’s smartphones then it will lack a lot. Lur believes that if we put aside the competition then these pictures looks ‘decent.’

Well he is right. We are amazed to see these pictures. All those out there with the Nokia 3310 take out your phone and start clicking.