Faryal Makhdoom is back in the news and this time around she is making the headlines because of her baby bump.

The wife of Amir Khan is expecting her second child. She shared the picture of the ultrasound earlier but now she has also shown her baby bump in a post on Snapchat.

Faryal Makhdoom
Source: Faryal/Snapchat

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Faryal shared her picture in a glittering dress at a awards ceremony in Manchester, England.

The caption of the picture says: “At the Asian Media Awards #bump”.

Things got worse for Amir and Faryal when they had a spat on Twitter. The star boxer accused Faryal of cheating on him with boxer Anthony Joshua. Faryal replied to the tweets, later she deleted those tweets.

Faryal hit back on Amir Khan as she claimed that he had slept with lots of other women during their married years. she wrote: “After all these years. I’ve always defending a cheat, always stuck around for him, always had his back.”

Faryal Makhdoom wants to give the marriage another chance but the boxer isn’t ready to come back. He confirmed that he will go forward with the divorce. The boxer went back to Pakistan to meet his parents who are against Faryal Makhdoom.

Faryal Makhdoom
Source: Getty Images Europe

Faryal wanted to save her marriage for the sake of their unborn child. She even apologized to her in-laws for being rude to them.

Amir who wants to go with ahead with the divorce tweeted hours later: “Unfortunately it didn’t work out between Me and Faryal and we are still going ahead with the divorce. We are in good talking terms.

“We have to think about our daughter Lamaisah who I will always be there for. I wish Faryal all the very best for the future.”

Faryal has told to the boxer that if he files divorce then she will move back to New York with Lamaisah.