There used to be a time when snails were a simile used for slow. We live in an era where something slow is related to the speed of your PTCL Internet, this is the largest internet service provider in Pakistan and yet the most trolled one on social media.

You can call PTCL slow, you can troll it with songs like chalte chalte yun hi ruk jata hun main but you simply cannot ignore their Twitter account these days. Where PTCL has delayed our business and studies numerous times, it has also given us something to laugh about recently.

It all started when a Twitter user decided to troll PTCL along with Ayesha Gulalai. PTCL came back with multiple responses and all of them were spot on!


Ouch! This may be hurtful for PTCL but it is true. If you are a user you must have missed deadlines from work or school thanks to the slow or disconnected internet connection.


PTCL found this opportunity to show their wit and came back with a quick response that is self explanatory. They enjoy handling their Twitter that’s for sure.


Hira here took a shot at the ISP and promoted her favorite ISP or who knows, her employer maybe? Would be interesting to see if Nayatel satisfies its customers better than the largest ISP in Pakistan though.


OMG OMG OMG! Nayatel has entered the ring with a left uppercut! They take pride in being one of the fastest ISPs in the country.


Well well well. They went all Noori Nath on Nayatel here. They may be proud since 1947 but they chose to be the villain of one of the biggest hits in Pakistani cinema. Are they the villains here?


Nayatel is cooler than PTCL, be like Nayatel! They went into the same stream as PTCL with a punch in the gut this time!


Our very own snail of an ISP came back with a knockout blow this time. Though it was a cheap shot by targeting a girl who was trolled by social media in Pakistan. The part that we liked was how they went all Champions Trophy on Nayatel stating that they can’t chase them down like Kohli’s team could not do so in the final.

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Just for the record that nahi ho ga tujh se chase bit was a one time wonder. Same is the case with PTCL they are not doing great as an ISP but they sure managed to win this little battle on Twitter. Hope they focus on providing the service as much as they love to reply with witty responses on social media.