Qatar has lead the way to becoming the first Arab Gulf nation that is offering permanent residency to the expats. Reuters reported.

The Qatari cabinet met on Wednesday and decided to draft the new law that will allow the permanent residency to expats who “provide outstanding services to Qatar.”

The new law will be offered to the children of Qatari women married to non-Qatris. It still doesn’t front them citizenship though.

The statement from the Qatari government said:

“According to the provisions of the bill, the minister of interior may grant a permanent residency ID to a non-Qatari if they meet the conditions specified in the law.”

The interior ministry committee would establish to review permanent residency requests and to issues IDs to the expats who fulfill the criteria. The ID holders will get the benefits of free state education and healthcare. They would also have their own property and can run some businesses and that too without needing a Qatari partner.

The timing of the approval of the law is surprising as its the time when there is a Saudi-led blockade on the tiny Arab nation.

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Qatar has been doing a lot in the regards to give rights to the expats. In 2016 Qatar became the first Arab nation to abolish kafala (sponsorship) which governs the expat laborers.

Kafala still dominates the workers in UAE, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The kafala system has always been criticized by the human rights groups for exploiting workers.