At Quaid’s Service – A Journey Towards Discovery is the second major publication of the Jinnah Rafi Foundation. It follows the former successful publication of the foundation “My Dear Quaid”.

The book At Quaid’s Service is based on the letters exchanged by Quaid i Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Mr. Rafi Butt, with special reference to his role in the Pakistan Movement. The book assesses his contribution to the cause of Muslim freedom and two nation theory. It reveals his stature as a leader in the vanguard of the Pakistan Movement.


Mr. Imtiaz Rafi Butt shared his experience with this book as:

“To me, as a son, the discovery of my father has led to self-discovery; to the discovery of my identity and my roots. Through Rafi Butt, I have ‘rediscovered’ the Quaid, the Pakistan Movement and, in the final analysis, Pakistan,”

Rafi Butt
Via: Jinnah Rafi Foundation

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The book will be made available on a formal book launch at this Independence Day at Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore. Celebrate the 70 years of Pakistan by honoring one of the heroes of the Pakistan Movement, Mr. Rafi Butt and get your complimentary copy of the book At Quaid’s Service.