Rangreza is an upcoming film starring Bilal Ashraf, Urwa Hocane, Gohar Rasheed, Ghana Ali and Viral Karo’s sweetheart Alyzeh Gabol. The film clearly appears to be based on music and love that might sound typical but the trailer states that it is anything but a typical South Asian film.

The trailer begins with a fancy AF dialogue “shayyad zindagi badalne k liye itna he kaafi hota hai” that’s when you know that the present day King of Lollywood Bilal Ashraf is playing the lead character in Rangreza. The next thing you see is Urwa Hocane in a desi outfit that kind of suits her.

Source: Satire Well

The third entry is my favorite and someone our team is in love with ever since we interviewed her at this place. Alyzeh Gabol! She was the one who told us about this upcoming film long before its trailer and well does she look good or what. Seems like she is done growing in the modeling industry and now she’s eyeing the film industry to show her talent to the world.

Despite my love for Alyzeh Gabol and Bilal Ashraf my reason for watching this movie would be Gohar Rasheed. My parents used to watch his show Digest Writer that made me notice his brilliant acting. Then getting tagged in all the “Mikael” memes for his acting and my name and finally his role as khassi in Yalghaar.

Source: Behtareen

This guy has earned my respect. In the trailer of Rangreza, he appears to be a crazy guy who must just be the villain of the story or that guy who turns to the bright side and dies in the end. Please don’t have a typical ending.

Bilal scolding the media, with the ARY News micrphone is awesome though. Reminded me of Mahira Khan with the SAMAA news report. That is not it, the trailer hints that this movie has everything. Romance, drama, action, love, hatred and probably a painful ending.

Everything in the trailer grabs your attention and the Rangreza trailer ends in style as well with the following words. “Reshmi tujhe kis ne sataya hai? usko ja ke bol Waseem aaya hai!

The film is one to look forward to, we wish the Rangreza team all the best and we hope you guys continue to work hard in order to improve our cinema.