Well, we never thought that buying lingerie will become news one day. A Canadian reporter thought the that this act of buying lingerie is news worthy.

The poor soul didn’t know that his so called breaking news will be the reason that he will end up deactivating his account.

Via: Twitter

This how the story goes. A reporter, Michael Kane saw something that he has never seen before. “two modestly-dressed women with religious headgear.” The women were Muslim women who were buying lingerie from Victoria’s Secret shop, the famous brand which sells women’s wear, beauty products, and lingerie.

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Kane, who seems to be a dedicated reporter decided to report it as “breaking news” but he never thought that he would be trolled on social media because of it. People were fast enough to make fun of Kane’s “breaking new”.

The Canadian was trolled to the max and it hurt him so bad that he deleted his tweet and deactivated his account.

Well, the reporter tried to justify his point by tweeting back on his twitter account but he was embarrassed enough so he had to deactivate his account.

Well, Mr. Kane, we believe that not every thing you see is newsworthy and Muslim women are like any other woman out there. Wearing and buying lingerie is pretty normal.