If you have logged in on Facebook even once in the past few months there is high probability that you are familiar with the viral girl Dhinchak Pooja who got fame for her song Selfie maine le li aaj. It was the video that was filled with photos that were so not selfies, the music was pathetic and I am a really bad singer yet I would consider myself better than Dhinchak Pooja.

Annoying or not, good singing or cancer for ears. Dhinchak Pooja was successful in going viral in India and Pakistan with her first song. There were many others who appeared after her in efforts to get her kind of fame. They made it to memes but couldn’t get to the same level as Dhinchak Pooja. Here’s the Let’s Do It guy, the most popular meme these days.

This is Vennu Malesh who got social media’s attention with this Do It Ice Bucket Challenge video that went viral. He got fame for another song called Aafreen Fatima Bewafa Hai. He had his little moment of fame before Dhinchak Pooja stole it from him.

The internet was still getting familiar with this Aafreen Fatima song but that’s when Dhinchak Pooja decided to take Aafreen from Vennu Mallesh and take credit for it.

I can ignore the stolen content bit here by saying that it was not mine so its all good. Sadly I cannot ignore the fact that Vennu Mallesh still kind of kept it musical, why did you have to steal it and destroy what already was not the best piece of music.

The worst part is that the poor guy was used. He bought her a Toyota and she took someone else for a long drive. She took his laptop and gave her lap and top to who knows how many guys. He has spent all the money and isnt left with a single penny. Aafreen used him and he is a bloody mess.

That’s when you come in and steal his song? How could you do that Dhinchak Pooja? Een if you had to steal it, why did you make it cancer for our ears. It would be great if you could give up your music career and spare us from another such thing you call music.