Meet Salar Shamas and Irtaza Gillanni. The two talented musicians from Lahore. The duo came up with a great idea for a free platform for musicians. Most of the talented people in Pakistan kill their dreams to be something because of lack of resources. This is where the idea of Shamas-Kaari generated.

The duo decided to make a recording studio to empower and give the struggling artist a place from where they can propagate their talent to the world.

Via: Salar Shamas/Facebook

While talking to Viral Karo Salar Shamas, the founder of Shamas-Kaari said “Shamas in Shamas-Kaari if for the sun, light, good, happy and new and Kaari is for creating or working.”

The idea behind Shamas-Kaari is that it connects music. Salar and Irtaza were connected through music. They made many songs and they are still working on new projects.

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Salar have been making music since a very young age. He writes the songs based on his personal experience or someone he knows. He even wrote a song on his younger brother. Salar’s songs are on love, lust, depression, schizophrenia, heartbreak, suicidal thoughts and on drugs. He writes songs on topics that are considered taboo.

Salar started off things in January 2017 by working with Hassan Omar on few solo songs. Then he decided to feature Irtaza the co-founder, on a track. The song name is Moray Piya. The musician has recently worked with an American producer Mantra on some tracks, buying some of his music in the process. Omar Mukhtar will be featuring on one of those.

Via: Salar/Facebook

The duo said that they have met the craziest and talented musical artists through their project. They are skillful and can touch your soul with their amazing music.  They shared this story with us:

“There are many others working with us. Fahad Mansoor is a drummer who has literally come up with and created accessories that completely change the sound of a drum kit and that too, on his own. He’s a mad drummer too. We listen to a lot of music and whenever we discover new musicians, we try contacting them and invite them over to the studio. If we feel a connection whilst jamming we end up spending days and nights making some thing new. Shamas-Kaari is just getting started with all the content. As we’re building more content and gathering more artists we’re discovering a whole new world of untapped art,”

Proud of the duo. They are doing an amazing job. We are looking forward to hearing amazing music from Shamas-Kaari.