Hina Pervez Butt is said to have tweeted “chahay Kulsoom Nawaz khari hon ya in ka kutta, hum unhi k vote dein ge aur wohi jeetein gi: voter”. This tweet was bigger news than the election itself. The media shifted its focus to Hina Butt for a while, and social media was all set to point their fingers at Hina.

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Hina Butt
Source: Twitter

Sheikh Rashid Ahmad did not miss his chance to taunt the lady with one of his tweets.


So he simply destroyed the former and Na Ehal Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with this tweet. This must hurt a lot of PML N supporters, the replies to this tweet show that this tweet hit PML N in all the right places.


Zia has made sure that there is no doubt left in the tweet and made it crystal clear that who the kutta is.


I thought the brands shown in the movies are a little too much and people are now publicizing brands through taunts. Good job HBL, your tag line fits in a lot of places you wouldn’t even want it to.


We must appreciate Hina Butt for coming forward to apologize for a statement shared by someone in her social media team. It is great to see her accept it as a statement that should not have been posted and she did not even hesitate from apologizing in public. I see a politician in the making.