Pakistan is growing each day as a giant market for cellphones. We started with Ericsson and Nokia as the two choices when the trend of mobile phones came to Pakistan. A Nokia 3310 started off as a status symbol and then got the label of a weapon. Everyone used it back in the days. The next few years were in control of Sony Ericsson with some time of Motorola’s success. At present day the market is in control of the Smartphone brands with no room for feature phones.

Today we have a lot of choice when purchasing a cellphone because a number of brands are providing high quality products with competitive prices. It can be a difficult task to choose a single brand as THE CHOICE, here are a few of major players in the market and some of their stand out features and reasons to buy.


Q Mobile


Beginning with the Pakistani brand that is leading the market with both its marketing campaigns and its market share. Q Mobile does not fall behind whenever there is something new is the market. Whether its those gigantic batteries with two days of battery backup or front selfie flash. Q Mobile will always have the features that you need with a variety of models in a budget friendly price.



Huawei made its place in the Pakistani cellphone market at an amazing pace. It came as the brand with high quality products at comparatively lower prices. It took the quality camera to the mid-range smartphone category. The cameras on Huawei phones set a standard for other competitors in the market, to give good quality features at a cheap price. The phones come with the typical Chinese, iPhone like, user interface but they justify their products at every price segment.


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Oppo did not do very well in the beginning but it found what the market needed and now the brand is growing based on that. Oppo introduced 16mp front cameras to its phones with quality so good that it could compete with flagship devices from different international brands. If you are into selfies, this is the brand for you.



Samsung has been strong in the market since android phones were introduced. Samsung has given us some amazing devices in its flagship S series, the Note series with the executive look also remains a success in the Pakistani market. If budget is not an issue, Samsung is the brand you should go for. In the lower priced phones, Samsung takes the lead in cameras but as far as the rest of the features are concerned, it falls behind the Chinese manufacturers.


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Apple has remained in the market leader for a long time. One phone each year, a tailor made software for their phones. Apple is known for its classy and elegant phones, the designs are copied by practically all brands around the world. If you want a phone with little to no probability of lag or getting stuck and your pockets are deep, Apple iPhone is the smartphone that should be your first choice.


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Lenovo is not as big a name in the cellphone industry as it is in the computers industry. But Lenovo is not simply one brand, it has different sub brands catering the needs of different market segments and at times competing with each other as well. Lenovo itself focused more on the exceptional battery back up lasting over two days in cellphones such as the P70.

A sub brand of Lenovo is Motorola, that was previously owned by Google. Moto is a popular brand specially if you purchase used smartphones, you will find a lot of these handsets in the market. The cameras would be more than just good, the display would be crisp with resolution higher than pretty much any competitor, whether you prefer AMOLED or IPS display Moto has different options for you. My opinion in favor of Moto could be biased as I used a Moto X Style as my first phone and probably the best smartphone I ever used.

Another sub brand that is now available in Pakistan is ZUK. This brand is in the category that One Plus falls in, they offer cheap “flagship killers” pay about 22,000 Rupees and purchase a device that has a top of the line Snapdragon processor with every feature that you may need. Sadly these smartphones failed to make a good impression on the Pakistani market.


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If you use social media, there is zero probability that you have not seen an ad of this new player in the market. Xiaomi is a brand that gained popularity around the world and has entered the Pakistani market now. They come up with different promotions every now and then. Their products include smartphones, power banks, earphones and wearable gadgets. I have this habit of trying out every new brand in the market.

I currently own a Xiaomi Redmi 4X and I am more than just impressed with the device’s capabilities. The battery lasts longer than two days easily, connectivity is great, the screen is not too good with the 720p resolution(given that I’m used to a 1440p display) the camera is good for the price range and the overall quality is quite impressive. If you are looking for a good smartphone from a well known brand, Xiaomi could be your choice.

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A cellphone in the end is an individual’s own choice but the above mentioned brands are the ones that lead the Pakistani market. Their prominent features are presented to you to make your decision easier when purchasing your next smartphone.