Well, we hope you know who Mia Khalifa is. If you don’t then try to Google her but don’t click on the images if you are not alone in the room. This is just a warning so you don’t get embarrassed.

We know not everyone knows who Mia Khalifa is. This is exactly what happened to a teacher in India, his ignorance got the better of him and he faced embarrassment in front of his students.

Mia Khalifa
Via: India Today

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Attendance is the fun part of every classroom. Like announcing ‘present’ or ‘yes sir’ for your friend who couldn’t make it and sometimes making funny noises during the attendance. Teachers nowadays are concerned about proxies and they keenly look for the person saying present or yes sir. Well, this teacher in India never thought that a student might add the name of Mia Khalifa in the register attendance.

The teacher called out the name Mia Khalifa that was written on the attendance sheet as a prank by the students. As soon the name was called out, students laughed out loud leaving the innocent teacher embarrassed.

Here is the video of the embarrassing moment

Indeed an embarrassing moment. To all the teachers out there reading this. Remember to see the name properly and then call out the name. Else you can also be the victim of the prank.