Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif is quite a character whether you look at him in politics or in his personal life. He is someone who receives both love and hatred from the people of Pakistan. While the Supreme Court of Pakistan disqualified him from his National Assembly seat and his position as Prime Minister, his party is still putting banners and posters across the city to show love for him. I wonder what is the point of being dilon ka wazir i azam, imagine if he was ineligible for that as well.

Today we take a look at some lesser known facts as well as some things generally associated to Nawaz Sharif by both his lovers and haters.

  1. Gawalmandi
nawaz sharif
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Gawalmandi is a stronghold for PML N and Nawaz Sharif. They are probably the strongest in this area than any other in the country. Some people argue that Nawaz Sharif used to live here while others state that he never lived there as his house was in Ram Gali.

2. Siri Paye and Nihari

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Our former PM is lesser known for his love for the country, his first identity is his love for food. If you have ever seen a video of Nawaz Sharif eating you’d know that he forgets who he is and who he is with. He just knows that food is life and that’s all that matters.

3. Cricket

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Those who take pride in their leader being a cricketing legend and a World Cup winning captain. Do you even know that Nawaz Sharif also played cricket? Espncricinfo mentions him in the following words: “Nawaz Sharif was a right-hand batsman who made a duck in his only appearance for Railways against PIA in 1973-74.” At least he tried!

4. His English

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Some of his opponents make fun of his English speaking skills. I must remind those guys that he has apparently studied law and is no lesser than anyone else. Though if you have to criticize his speaking skills, its not the language. Have you not heard his speeches in Urdu?

5. Jeddah

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Jeddah would have a soft corner in his heart for sure. When he made a deal with General Pervez Musharraf to let him go so that he wont return to Pakistan. He found home in Jeddah in that so called exile. Though in a recent case people were pretty sure that is baar Jadday nahi jayeinge balkay…

6. Army Generals

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Army and Nawaz Sharif is pretty much a love story. It was a General, Zia ul Haq, who brought Nawaz Sharif into politics and Nawaz is known to have respected him like his own father. Then it was a General who got him arrested and through a deal sent to Jeddah. Even now his supporters blame the Army for his disqualification.

7. Aqama

This one brought tears to my eyes. The Prime Minister of Pakistan loves his people so much that he works a job for very little money for them. Yeah, I’m sorry but I simply could not take this one seriously. This aqama by the way ended up being the reason for his disqualification. Though I could see half a dozen other reasons.

8. Panama

Panama Leaks would be something that the Sharif family will never forget. They claimed that it was all fake and meri London mein kya Pakistan mein bhi koi property nahi.
They gave us popular phrases such as alhamdulillah and huzoor ye hain wo zaraiy. That case took Nawaz Sharif with it. It is expected that in the next six months the whole Sharif family would end up disqualified.

9. Iron Man

It does not mean he is Tony Stark, though looking at his assets he can match Tony’s level. I wonder why he got this title of Iron Man(Mard-i-Ahan). I remember his photos behind bars in my childhood, did not look very strong then. Not even after the Panama Verdict. What is the criteria there, anyone?

10. Tahira Syed

nawaz sharif
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There is this story whether true or not that singer Tahira Syed and Nawaz Sharif once had an affair. I am willing to believe that, as Naeem Bukhari’s dedication surely showed a link with his ex wife in the Panama case.

11. His Golu Molu Face

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Nawaz Sharif

Whether you call him corrupt or  liar or even an enemy of the state. You cannot deny that his golu molu face makes him look like a kid at times who is still experimenting with life.

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Nawaz Sharif may be disqualified and may not make it to the assembly again. His followers are trying to show love for him by spending lots of money in Lahore. It would be interesting to see what future has in store for him.