Twitter is the place to go to if you have missed your newspaper in the morning or if you have a TV connection from a provider who is busy saying hello to the future while their service stays dead in the present. Today’s hot topic on twitter is Be A Better Muslim. People sharing good thoughts in the form of tweets is pretty sweet to watch as it is presenting a positive image of my belief to the world.

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We are rarely united as a community but it is great to see that we are coming together to promote our peaceful religion on social media.

I hope our ruling party PML N does not wish to remove the word “truth” from this image. Saadiq and Ameen is clearly not their strength and to get their leader in power they don’t mind playing with the religion related parts of our constitution. Be a better Muslim instead of being only a good Noon League-i.

Pretty simple yet quite powerful words here. We fall down and lose hope every once in a while. What we must never forget is that there is always a new beginning with every new day. If you are a sinner, don’t forget that Allah is always willing to accept your taubah and you have a chance to be a better Muslim every single day.

Despite what the world portrays Muslims as, Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. It accepts people who look for a better life. If someone was not the best in terms of character in the past but they are pious now and follow the right path, Islam welcomes them. So we must be good Muslims and never mention their past deeds which they left for the path of Islam.

We must not forget that God may forgive your responsibilities towards Him but He shall not forgive those towards His creatures. Be kind towards the people, this world will not last forever and eternal peace is in being a better Muslim each day.

Care for the people around you, fulfill your responsibilities as a Muslim and you shall find peace and all the success in this world and the hereafter.