We are often labeled as a society that discriminates between the two sexes. Except we forget that we are a nation with many prominent women in our leadership since the beginning. Whether you look at Fatima Jinnah, Benazir Bhutto, Malala Yousafzai and Arfa Karim we have heroes from all age groups over the years. The world celebrates The Day of the Girl now, appreciating the girls around the world.

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Pakistan has changed over the years and we stand alongside the world in supporting our girls at every step of their lives. Whether its education, health or basic rights we are looking at a shift in the mentality and even the most stubborn people have started to accept girls as equals now.

US Senator Kamala Harris focuses on the barriers girls are facing to getting an education in her country. United States of America, a superpower looks at girls’ education as an issue that they still face. Its about time we realized that the same issue in Pakistan does not mean that we are extremists or way behind the world. We are at the right track and Pakistan will produce more female leaders in the world.

Valued, powerful, talented, beautiful and equal. It seemed like an amazing tweet except the beautiful part that may or may not be received as a positive word by many.

This reminds me of my mother’s story. She used to pray for a girl as her first child and was over the moon at the birth of my elder sister. Ed, your opinion makes me feel good as an individual that you wish to have a girl as a child. May your sons be the way you want them to be.

The Day of the Girl is something that we use to appreciate all the girls around us. We love you for who you are and in the new world you stand as equals based on your abilities and talent.